Bikram Yoga is a specific sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises designed to systematically work every muscle, joint, tendon, and gland of your body. Bikram Yoga is designed to work the body’s nervous, respiratory, endocrine, and lymphatic systems while simultaneously boosting the body’s immune system.

The series is practised in a heated room. The heat is not there to make class hard. Practising in a heated room helps to warm up the body faster in order to safely practise each of the postures in the set series, as well as accelerating the body’s natural chemical processes. Essentially the body is flooded with super oxygenated blood whilst flushing lactic acid out of the body. This means that this Yoga can be practised every day and will compliment all other sporting activities.


With regular practise, you can expect to:

  • tone and strengthen
  • improve flexibility, alignment and posture
  • support weight loss
  • support healing from injury
  • feel more energised and sleep better
  • build concentration and determination
  • increase mental clarity, relieve anxiety and reduce stress
  • enjoy an overall feeling of well-being

Be patient with yourself and enjoy the journey!



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