Where is home?

Wherever I lay my mat.

Can you remember your first class & what was it like?

Took place sometime in October 2010, on a typically dark and rainy Irish autumn evening. I remember intense heat and a bright red carpet. I spent most of the class flopping about on my mat, like an injured seal; staring at the superhuman creatures in the front row putting their bodies into all kinds of insane shapes. Remember thinking they must all be mad. Afterwards I was left wanting more. I had found the perfect cure for my wild, manic, drunken monkey mind.

What did you do before teacher training?

I was in college studying something I can only vaguely remember what it was. Graduated after four years in Dublin City University, packed my bags, went to teacher training and never looked back. The rest is yoga history.

Why did you stick with the practice?

See above. Also, the yoga fixed the terrible posture that I'd been stuck with since my teens. Was quite impressed by that.

When did you go to training?

Fall 2012 Los Angeles. 443 people, from all over the world, under the same roof training together for nine weeks. Biggest training to date. An unforgettable rollercoaster ride of a lifetime.

What is your favourite thing about teaching yoga?

The smile on students' faces as they leave the studio. Along with testimonials of how the yoga has impacted their life and made it better in some way. Witnessing lives being improved physically/mentally/spiritually/emotionally makes this the most rewarding job in the world. Well worth getting up for in the morning (even for the 6.30ams!! :))

Favourite posture and why?

Savasana. Clearly. My 2nd favourite keeps changing all the time. That's the beauty of this game. The impermanence of it all. At the moment I'm quite into Tree Pose and Fixed Firm because they give a nice stretch to my ankle, which has been injured for some time.


Anna has been teaching Bikram fulltime since 2012. She also holds a 250h RYT certification in Ashtanga Vinyasa/Rocket with 'It's Yoga International'. She has spent some time teaching in Sweden, Melbourne and Tasmania. When not teaching she can be found indulging in books, films, food, wine, naps and chocolate. Also enjoys meditation, walks by the sea, avocados and the odd late night dancing in bars. Goes into light hibernation in winter time. Comes to life in the spring. Like a flower petal blooming. Perhaps due to her Scandinavian origin. Happiest when on a beach, someplace warm and sunny.