Where is home?

Claire Anne from Wicklow.

Can you remember your first class?

My first class was a rollercoaster, swooping wildly between 'I love this' & 'Get me out of here'. I was brought along by a good friend, my outstanding memory is regretting wearing velour tracksuit bottoms!

What did you do before teacher training?

Before yoga I was performing & teaching dance, I have always had a passion for movement, making yoga an obvious transition for me. Having taken up a regular Bikram practice while living in Australia, I stuck with it because it keeps me centred and continues to challenge me.

When did you go to training?

I trained in L.A. in Fall 2013.

What is your favourite thing about teaching yoga?

My favourite thing is being connected to a community of people who are trying their best to move and heal and grow... just kidding I like bossing people around!!!

Favourite posture and why?

Back Bend, it's always good to open your heart and look at the world from another perspective.


Claire Anne has been teaching full time since 2014. She has also trained in Fierce Grace hot yoga, Yin Yoga, & Yoga Bears (kids yoga).