Where is home?

Dublin's fair city

Can you remember your first class?

I did my first Bikram class over 14 years ago. I remember giggling through the breathing exercise, wearing way too much clothing but leaving on a high.

What did you do before teacher training?

I used to be a primary school teacher in Dublin before moving to NYC, where I studied dance and taught in the education system.

Why did you stick with the practice?

I had a knee injury at the time and was eager to find an alternative way to heal it. At first I was not convinced but after a few attempts, I finally stuck with the Bikram series. In addition to no longer limping and being pain free, I slept so much better, ate better and I also noticed tremendous mental benefits. I simply felt better and soon realised I would always be practising this series to maintain a daily sense of well being.

When did you go to training?

Fall 2009 Las Vegas

What is your favourite thing about teaching yoga?

More than anything I love when a student does a lot of classes in their introductory month and literally transform in front of my and their own eyes. By showing up for class, the students do all the work. We as teachers just facilitate the experience, and that is an honour.

Favourite posture and why?

Standing Bow because it means we have completed the warm up series!!! It also feels so good to kick, stretch, move the whole spine and open the shoulders....all at the same time!


Since completing her Bikram training, Fiona has been teaching full-time around the globe (Kansas, Maryland, NYC, Munich, Vienna and London) Soon after teacher training Fiona dedicated many years training for the International Bishnu Ghosh Yoga Competition under the direction of her teachers, Mary Jarvis (International Head Judge) and Esak Garcia (International yoga champion). She was honoured to represent Ireland in the Ghosh Cup for the last 6 years and finished amongst the top ten in the 2015 international final. After many years teaching and training abroad, Fiona finally returned home to Dublin to start her own studio.

Fiona's mindful approach and attention to detail is evident in her class. Her knowledge of the postures and the precision in which she teaches these, will always help you achieve your best in any given class. Fiona mentors all her teachers in DCBY.

Alongside the Bikram training Fiona also completed Vinyasa training under Jared McCann ( NYC, June 2016), Yin training under Sebastien and Muriel (London, September 2016) and does handstand training with Sainaa Jainchivdorj (London). Despite throwing herself into many styles of yoga, Fiona always comes back to the Bikram series as a foundation for her daily practice.