Where is home?

Dublin is where I was born and have spent most of my life but Paris is my home away from home, and anywhere I spend even a few weeks feels like home!

Can you remember your first class?

Nope. Not clearly at all. But I came back again the following day, and it didn't take me long to know I would probably continue to do it forever.

What did you do before teaching yoga?

Before completing my Bikram teacher training I was a secondary school teacher. In 2013 I took a three-year break from the classroom and I returned in September 2016. Now I juggle both: I teach French and Music full-time in Mount Anville Secondary School, and I teach yoga part-time.

Why did you stick with the practice?

I guess I knew that it was powerful from the beginning. There was nothing like the feeling of calm I experienced after my practice. It was the first time I truly knew what it meant to tap into the deepest parts of myself. Equally, it was the first time I fully understand how the mind can be both our best friend and our worst enemy, and it's up to me to train it.

When did you go to training?

Fall 2013, Los Angeles.

What is your favourite thing about teaching yoga?

Being truly authentic and holding space for students to get to know themselves better, facilitating their meditation, supporting their struggles, and sharing in their breakthroughs.

Favourite posture and why?

Utkatasana,Awkward pose. It's close to the beginning so I'm usually OK at that point!


Grace started practising Bikram Yoga in 2006. She was living in Paris at the time and knew her French dialogue long before she had to memorise half-moon to recite in front of Bikram. As it happened, 7 years passed before TT became a feasible option anyway so at the very least it was a very well thought-through decision! To this day it is the decision she is most proud of.
When teaching Bikram in New Zealand Grace found the perfect complementary practice when she discovered yin yoga in Auckland. She first trained in Bali in June 2015 and started teaching in Australia. After an Insight Yoga training in Sydney she decided it was time to investigate seated meditation with a little more intensity and so vipassana followed in Tasmania in April 2016.
Embracing meditation as a daily practice is the current challenge Grace is adopting. But between both the sweaty stillness of Bikram and the sweet surrender of yin in her life, she reckons she’s already a lucky girl.