Where is home?

Home is Blacklion, Co. Cavan & right now I live in Dublin 8.

Can you remember your first class?

I can't remember my first class specifically but it was circa 2007/2008 in the studio in Portobello. Bikram Yoga wasn't in Ireland all that long at the time and that was the only studio. I'd always liked yoga - my mum introduced me to it when I was 14 - but I enjoyed different classes and styles to varying degrees. As soon as I tried Bikram I was hooked. Even though, like everyone, I found it hard at the start...

What are you doing alongside teaching yoga now?

I work full-time time in Public Relations and Public Affairs. I taught full-time in Australia for a year after I trained, but now I teach part-time.

Why did you stick with the practice?

It keeps me strong, physically and mentally.

When did you go to training?

I trained at Bikram Choudhury's Teacher Training in LA in Spring 2013. Nine weeks of two classes a day. It was a fantastic yoga bubble.

What is your favourite thing about teaching yoga?

I like sharing my love for the yoga, and seeing students enjoy it and benefit from it in the same way that I do.

Favourite posture and why?

It's hard to say. I like how the whole series works together more any individual posture. I like backward bending in Camel, especially after sitting at a desk for the day. I also like working on opening that hard to reach upper spine in Standing Head to Knee and Standing Separate-Leg Head-to-Knee. I think the postures you enjoy change with time as your practice does, and I love that about Bikram. The series is a constant, but as a student you are always changing.


Sinéad has taught at Bikram Studios all over Ireland and Australia including; Dublin, Galway, Athlone, Perth, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne and Tasmania. She attends yoga intensives as often as she can to deepen her knowledge and practice and amongst the teachers that have most inspired her along the way include Fiona McNamara (of course!), Anne Leonard, Mary Jarvis, Benjamin Sears, Esak Garcia, Binny Liu and Teri Almquist.