Where is home?

Wherever you open your heart.

Can you remember your first class?

Yes, it felt like my soul was dancing. It was the first time I had given myself the space to just be still and breathe in a long time. I was instantly hooked. I didn't understand what it was at the time but I somehow knew it was everything I had been looking for. It was like my soul had a long sigh and said 'finally you are home'.

What are you doing alongside teaching yoga now?

I've always been a water baby, I love the ocean / nature anything that grounds me and brings me down to earth. I moved West for a few years surfing which was an amazing experience. When I moved home I studied outdoor adventure and also massage.

Why did you stick with the practice?

For so many reasons, but if I was to break it down it all starts with the breath. For those moments of complete consciousness where the silence drowns out all the noise and I can just be rather than think. Being totally present so I can lead my life from a centered place, to be pure and gentle and express myself through love and grace. It challenges me and reminds me to show up and be the best version of myself. These moments bring me back to my practice every single day.

When did you go to training?

2014, I still pinch myself.

What is your favourite thing about teaching yoga?

'Find your passion find your calling' - Teaching to me is an organic progression of my practice. To be able to express myself through the yoga but also to hold a space for every individual to express themselves. To be able to walk alongside them on their journey is magic and such a gift. It's the most beautiful thing to see someone allow themselves to be vulnerable and to open up, to blossom into their full potential as a being.

Favourite posture and why?

This changes daily with what I need from my practice, whether it's a big heart opener or a spine twist. I am always in love with backbends because they open me up to life.